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Your Skincare Guide for Anything Related to Spa Treatment—Spa Beaute Concierge

Your Skincare Guide for Anything Related to Spa Treatment—Spa Beaute Concierge


Spa Treatment Product Origins, Ingredients, and Manufacturing Methods
Helping You to Realize More Beautiful Skin

This site is dedicated to providing information about Spa Treatment, a Japanese cosmetics brand
that has been adopted by a wide range of salons and spas. We will provide everything from beauty tips to in-depth information about Spa Treatment product ingredients and manufacturing methods. For those with problem skin, we offer solutions that will match your individual needs.
Furthermore, in addition to product information, you can look forward to interviews
with Spa Treatment users.

What’s Spatreatment

What kind of brand is Spa Treatment?


Dedicated ingredients and compounds, with the latest
advanced technology, for salon-level skincare

Spa Treatment began by selling products to salons and spas.
Over the years, it has gained a great deal of industry trust from
all across Japan. With carefully selected ingredients and the latest
technological advances, Spa Treatment is a skincare leader. With solutions for a wide range of skin troubles, its products create positive feelings that generate loyalty from women around the world.


Online Beauty Seminar

Recipes for Beautiful Skin


Direct from a Beauty Advisor—How to Rapidly Improve Your Beauty!

Here, we have invited a beauty advisor that actively appears on TV, as well as writes for magazines and lectures in beauty schools, to give fundamental knowledge about what makes beautiful skin.
Have you ever felt that, after reading beauty tips from magazines or the internet, you are still
unsure what to do? This awkwardness is based in a lack of fundamental skincare know-how.
Therefore, let's hear directly from our beauty advisor on the basics of beautiful skin and how to
change your basic approach to beauty.

Advisor Introduction


Sachiko Ueda

Beauty specialist / writer / commentator

Let's create beautiful skin together!

Do you have confidence in your skin? Few people will
immediately answer yes.
Even if you lack confidence in it, you should be able to
make it more beautiful by deepening your understanding of the skin and proper skincare.
By facing your skin's condition head on, you can make
the improvements you need to create a beautiful


  • Certified as a junior organic therapist by the
    International Organic Therapy Association
  • Achieved the top level certification of the
    Japan Cosmetics Certification Association
  • Passed exams in medical herbology

After being selected as a Clarion Girl in 1991,
Sachiko Ueda worked as a model and reporter
before becoming a beauty writer in 1996.
In addition to Japanese beauty trends, she also
reports on beauty trends from across Asia,
including Korea and Thailand.

Spa treatment

Why you'll love Spa Treatment
Spa Treatment's strengths in creating skin beauty

Combining years of experience with cutting edge
technology to bring out your inner beauty Skincare
products loved by women the world over

Over the years, through creating Spa Treatment skincare products and tools used by salons and spas nationwide, Wave Corporation has supported the needs of women worldwide.
In doing so, they have gained the trust and confidence of
clinicians, who are often required to produce results in
just one treatment.

With product effectiveness as their number one priority,
Spa Treatment has introduced ingredients, compounds,
and patented manufacturing methods designed to match the
needs of your skin—thus impressing not only women around
Japan, but across the globe.


By delivering ingredients deeply into the skin,(*)

they can be highly effective at enhancing your beauty.(*)

Spa Treatment products are formulated to deliver active ingredients in their most effective form (*), such that the product is perfectly matched to the ingredient and skincare purpose.
For example, from water-soluble or oil-soluble compounds, to UV-sensitive or large-sized
compounds that aren't absorbed easily, each has an individual characteristic.
If you don't match the delivery method to the ingredient characteristic, the full-strength of the
compound will never be realized. Thus, even if a product contains very good ingredients,
their effects are wasted if they can't be utilized properly.
Here, you will learn more about the various technologies Spa Treatment utilizes so that this is not the case.
*Up to the stratum corneum

Learn more about Spa Treatment's technology and processes

This technology comprises of
encapsulating ingredients in
lamellar structures similar in
composition to the skin.
By creating 7-10 layers of
compounds such as PEG12GD,
the products can be gentle on the
skin but still allow for deep
penetration (*).
* Up to the stratum corneum

In order to deeply penetrate the
stratum corneum, Spa Treatment
uses microneedle technology
consisting of delivery structures just 250 micrometers in diameter.
Using needle-like sheets,
active compounds like hyaluronic
acid can easily be absorbed into the skin (*)
*Up to the stratum corneum


An abundant number of highly-effective, skin-beautifying Ingredients

Abundant, first-class, beauty-enhancing ingredients creates clinical-level effects

Spa Treatment products are known for their abundant use of highly-effective ingredients,
with results readily apparent with use. From professional grade compounds in undiluted solutions to luxurious moisturizers, their evidence-based research has resulted in a number of patents.
Here, you will learn about a few of the main ingredients used in Spa Treatment products. You will learn about their effects on the skin and their safety, what compounds the ingredients are
derived from, and how they are compatible with each other.

Learn more about
Spa Treatment's
beauty-enhancing ingredients


Base ingredients that are kind to the skin

A relief to skin in need! Base ingredients that are both effective and non-irritating.

While many cosmetic products are manufactured with purified water or inexpensive base
materials, Spa Treatment carefully chooses ingredients according to your skin's needs. From here, you will learn how they select non-irritating ingredients, those that the skin is familiar with,
but that also have added, highly-effective benefits. By paying attention to the raw materials,
Spa Treatment products are able to create beautiful skin.

Learn more about
Spa Treatment's base ingredients


Stop Old Age!
Skincare tips from the anti-eye wrinkle committee

Don't give up on your crow's feet and age lines!
You too can create ageless eyes that in ten-years' time will remain the same!

Crow's feet and age lines can make your skin look tired and old. As a natural enemy to beauty,
we have created the anti-eye wrinkle committee to combat these problems.
Here, we will introduce in detail the causes of eye-area wrinkles and how to control them.
If you're concerned about your eye area, the first step is to understand eye wrinkles
an how they're formed.

The Three Causes of Crow's Feet


Eye wrinkles find their origin in sagging skin, dry skin, and ultraviolet light. Beyond that,
there are the common but hidden causes of improper skincare, tired eyes,
and dry environments.

Techniques for Fighting Crow's Feet


Here, you will learn measures to fight wrinkles for each and every cause. For the eye region, it's not enough to do things such as just preventing dryness. Instead it is important
that you take measures for each cause, and conduct proper eye-area care.

Key Point

With proper skincare, it is possible to fight those fine lines and wrinkles caused by drying.

It is not too late! You too can turn back the clock on your eyes!

Fine lines and wrinkles often appear on the skin as people age. Many may give up on them,
thinking it a natural sign of aging. However, with proper skincare,
these fine lines can be easily improved.
Here, we will introduce skincare methods that are effective for preventing eye-area wrinkles.
You will learn which Spa Treatment products are the right ones for moisturizing
that eye-area zone.

Product Line Up

Spa Treatment Total Product Lineup

Effective Skincare Products for All the Skin's Problems

Every Spa Treatment product was created with the aim of improving your skin.
Here you can find each Spa Treatment series, with individual products and customer reviews.
Find the items that are right for your routine.

The Best of Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment's Best Sellers

One-by-one, see how they rank!