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Enhancing your Skin's Natural Power

Advisor Photo: Sachiko Ueda

Writer:Sachiko Ueda

Beauty Specialist / Writer / Beauty Commentator

Methods for Enhancing your Skin's Natural Power

Because your skin was meant to be beautiful

All skin, in it's base form, is meant to be beautiful. If you're unhappy with your skin's current condition, there may be things you can do in your skincare or daily routines to improve it. The most basic way to improve your skin is to maintain your health, but there are many other things you can do to improve your skincare routine.

With the will there is a way

Techniques to Enhance your Skin's Natural Power

The Keys to Success: Good Sleep and Well-balanced Meals

To improve your skin's natural power, it is essential that you get enough sleep, have well-balanced meals, and work to remove stress. Beyond these basics, your daily skincare techniques can play a big role. The most important step though is to confirm to yourself that you want to be beautiful.

  • Maintaining Life's Rhythms

    For many, even maintaining a proper lifestyle can be an incredibly high hurdle. For me as well, getting enough sleep or going to bed early enough can be a challenge. That said, recovery is not possible without enough rest, and having sufficient sleep is very important for your skin. Without stressing too much, live your life to the fullest.

  • Combating Stress

    Stress is a huge enemy to beautiful skin! Taking time to reset.

    Stress directly affects both your skin and your body's condition. It can lead to a decrease in the skin's metabolism and can result in outbreaks. Furthermore, it can cloud your expression and cause wrinkles and fine lines. It is therefore very important that you find ways to relieve stress, such as by taking in moderate amounts of exercise, having fun with friends, and finding ways to calm your mind.

  • Proper Skincare

    Maintaining the basics is of upmost importance

    While using high quality products or visiting spas can be helpful, the most important thing is to follow the basics—to maintain a simple routine, and supplement as needed. The main premise of skincare is to moisturize and maintain the skin's water retention. Moist skin is not only more resistant to drying damage, but also to things like UV rays.

Good Results Require Proper Skincare Techniques

Skincare that brings out the powers of the skin and the product

Even with proper intention, mistakes in skincare routines can halve the results. Without balance, such as by using too much, too often, or too little, not often enough, can prevent your skin from being beautiful.

  • Proper, Gentle Cleansing

    Over-scrubbing can make the skin sensitive

    Many of those who have sensitive skin got that way through over-abrasive cleansing and washing. Removing dirt and makeup requires some degree of rubbing, but over-doing it can lead to skin damage. Not only that, but leaving leftover dirt or makeup on your skin after washing also causes problems. Finding a cleanser that both firmly washes away dirt while simultaneously acts as a cushion for the skin is key.

  • Taking the Proper Steps for Good Skin

    Care must be given to the use and order of skincare products

    Mistakes in the order or timing of skincare products can hamper their effectiveness. While the basic order might be toner -> essence -> creams / or lotions, each maker and brand has it's own unique order. Thus, it is important to use products after understanding their individual requirements in order to improve their performance and obtain beautiful skin.

  • Incorporating Special Products

    Using facial masks or boosting products

    If you're unsatisfied with your skin, you might turn to special items such as facial mask or packs to boost your skin's strength. Alternatively, before applying your usual lotion, you might use some essence or cosmetic oil to increase the efficiency of your skincare routine and improve your skin's strength.

  • Skincare through the Electronics Aisle

    The Beauty Spa Comes Home with Skincare Gadgets

    With each year, improvements in technology means that skincare gadgets are often recommended. Recently, many of the items available in stores offer the same quality as those in beauty salons and spas. For example, you can moisturize your skin to levels unattainable with regular skincare, or can use machines capable of delivering the latest ingredients, such as human stem cell culture extracts, directly to your skin.

Is that routine really okay?

Those Skincare Mistakes We All Make

Does this technique really suit my skin? Using the wrong skincare technique or product may actually cause skin damage. If you're guilty of any of the following, stop doing it as soon as possible!

  • Your skin is irritated or dirt remains after washing your face

    Your washing technique as well as the water temperature are very important!

    Facial cleansing, where you restore your skin to its bare state, is the first step of skincare. We've already learned that excessive rubbing or irritation is bad for your skin, but the water temperature is also very important. If the water is too hot, it will strip your skin of it's necessary oils, leading to dryness, and if it is too cold, it will be difficult to remove dirt from the pores. It's best to wash without over rubbing, using lukewarm water and a lot of lather.

  • Not Using Enough Skincare Product

    You can't get the intended effect unless you use enough of the product

    No matter how high-quality a product is, you won't get the intended effect if you don't use enough of it. Therefore, always be sure to use plenty during your routine. Rather than using tiny amounts of something expensive, try using larger amounts of some affordable luxury. When considering adult skincare, balancing both price and brand is important.

  • Using Facial Masks for Longer than Recommended

    Thinking Deeply about Special Care Products

    One thing that many people do is to use facial sheet masks for so long that they start to dry out. Basic, proper skincare means using the masks for only as long as is written on the package. How wasteful it is if, instead of extracting benefits from your special care products, you damage your skin instead.


Proper Skincare Doesn't Happen All at Once
—It Takes Time!

If taken care of properly, despite aging and the daily, accumulative damage that occurs, the skin has strength to fight back. This is why it is essential that you continue proper skincare, day in and day out—rather than expecting some one-shot miracle formula. With proper skincare knowledge, it is never too late to improve your skin. Let's see the results together!

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Advisor Photo: Sachiko Ueda

Sachiko Ueda

Beauty Specialist / Writer / Beauty Commentator

After being selected as a Clarion Girl in 1991, Sachiko Ueda worked as a model and reporter before becoming a beauty writer in 1996. In addition to Japanese beauty trends, she also reports on beauty trends from across Asia, including Korea and Thailand.