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Your skin is crying out against unsuitable cosmetics! Learn more about cosmetic unsuitability and what to do about it.

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The relationship between product effectiveness and your skin

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The relationship between product effectiveness and your skin The reason some products just don't work

"The relationship between product effectiveness and your skin The reason some products just don't work"

Why do some products—those that you've always used—suddenly stop working? There are various causes for this, everything from skin maladies to aging. Even seasonal effects or hormonal imbalances may cause people who are usually proud of their skin's condition to worry. Furthermore, if those ingredients contained in popular skincare products do not match your skin, they may have the opposite effect.

I didn't used to have any problems with it…

Symptoms that your favorite skincare product may no longer fit

Take notice of these!
Why those products you've always used stop working

When skincare products no longer fit or you find it difficult to see their effects, it's important to know why. Furthermore, it's important for creating a skincare routine that pairs skincare products with your skin's condition.

Common Symptoms

  • Acne or pimples
  • Your skin is easily irritated
  • Your skin is dry when you wake up
  • You don't really see the effects of skincare products
  • You experience tingling or redness
  • You don't see the effects of moisturizing, whitening, or aging care products

Most importantly, you should immediately stop using any product that causes redness or inflammation. In severe cases, I recommend going to see a dermatologist. Additionally, as you get older, it is important to review your skincare lineup. Even if you have been happy in the past, aging decreases your skin's natural abilities, so it is important to choose products that match your age.

In truth, there were many causes!

Why those products you've always used stop working

  • Breakdown in Skin Turnover

    Because it can happen to anyone—Action Tips

    Skin turnover is greatly affected by things like alcohol, eating habits, aging, cold weather, and hormonal imbalances. UV rays and chapped skin may lead to faster than normal turnover—resulting in skin cells prematurely rising to the surface and skin irritation. Delayed skin turnover results in thick, rough skin.

  • Menstrual Cycle

    Female Hormonal Balance—The Skin Condition from Both Sides

    Skin problems during menstruation is a problem that many can relate to. This is related to the secretion of hormones at this time. Menstruation affects the balance between estrogen, known for its positive skin effects, and progestogen, known for causing skin blemishes. During the period between ovulation and menstruation, the amount of progestogen the body releases increases, causing breakouts and skin sensitivity.

  • Accumulated Skin Damage

    Accumulated skin damage affects skincare product compatibility

    There are any number of reasons for skin damage, from exposure to UV rays during summer to over-drying in winter, all of which can make the skin difficult to make up. Furthermore, daily cleansing and face washing, if not performed properly, may lead to dirt build-up and oxidation of the skin. Conversely, the skin may become irritated and sensitive from too much washing.

  • Poor Skin Condition

    Your skin's condition decreases with lifestyle choices

    A lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, excessive alcohol or other lifestyle choices directly affect your skin's condition. Furthermore, your skin may become sensitive due to excessive face washing, or dry after a long flight or business trip. Finally, care should be taken at the turn of the seasons.

When skincare products produce problem skin

What to do when your skincare products no longer fit

So what do you do when your skincare products no longer suit you? First, after strongly confirming the reason, you should select an appropriate countermeasure. In any case, try to give you skin as much rest as possible.

  • Giving the Skin Rest

    First of all, giving tired skin the rest it needs is essential

    One sign that a skincare product is unsuitable is tired skin, which is why it is so important to give your skin some rest. For example, it might be a good idea to go makeup free for a few days. While this might be difficult on weekdays, why don't you try applying less on weekends? (Remembering, of course, to apply your sunscreen.)

  • Changing to additive-free or mineral-based products

    Skin-friendly products are a key ally

    Recently, not the choice of skincare products, but also makeup such as hypoallergenic foundation, has increased. If you suffer from sensitive skin, you may want to switch to a brand with a lighter touch. Furthermore, using cosmetic products that have a mineral base is recommended because they have a smaller impact and many of the minerals are actually good for the skin.

  • Choosing Age-suitable Skincare Products

    Selecting products that match your age

    One reason why a skincare product may not match you is that you are outside its target age range. Even if you've used it for a long time, products designed for 20 year-olds are unsuitable for those in their 40s, resulting in a performance drop. It is key that you use products designed for how old you are.


Based on your symptoms, if you feel that a product you're using don't work, quickly switch to something else

Once you determine that a skincare product is no longer working for you, the first step is to determine why. Follow this guide step-by-step to discover the reason. Then, with knowledge behind you, with courage switch to a new product that is suitable to your skin condition and age. Always remember that using something that doesn't fit will cause your skin's condition to deteriorate.

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Advisor Photo: Sachiko Ueda

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