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Which one is best for you? A list of Spa Treatment series

Spa Treatment's Entire Lineup

Spa Treatment's Entire Lineup

Spa Treatment, a skincare brand known for its use in beauty salons, has a wide variety of skincare products. With such a variety, it is easy to find one suitable for your skin's condition. Check below to find the perfect one for you.

Spa Treatment
HAS Aging Care Series

Spa Treatment Aging Care Series

Advanced Skin Care, Enhanced with the Power of Human Stem Cells

An luxurious, effective aging care line (*) that uses top class ingredients including human-derived stem cells, HAS (*1), and beta-glucan (*2)

(*) for those concerned about aging (*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient) (*2) a moisturizing ingredient

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Spa Treatment
Stretch i-Sheets Series

Spa Treatment Stretch i-Sheets Series

Targeted Aging Care Treatment for the Eyes and Corners of the Mouth

An aging care sheet (*8) that both lifts and targets areas that are quick to show signs of aging. Rich in ingredients that both moisturize and firm the skin, they are perfect for the skin around the eyes and mouth. Because they hold firmly to the skin, they can deliver moisture and nutrients to where it is needed most.

(*8) for those concerned about aging

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Spa Treatment Minceur Series

Spa Treatment Minceur and Slimming Series

A Slimming Skincare Series for Creating Perfect Lines

This Spa Treatment Series leads to firm and beautiful body lines. Containing the power of herbs, ximenynic acid (*9), and minerals known for their ability to support the body, the Minceur Series will even out irregularities in the skin and give you a strong, resilient body.

(*9) a skin conditioning ingredient

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Microneedle System
Spa Treatment i-Microneedle System

Spa Treatment i-Microneedles

Active Ingredients, Shaped Like Tiny Needles, to Deliver Ingredients Deeply

Spa Treatment's i-Microneedle Series is a microneedle technology designed to deliver active ingredients deep within the stratum corneum. With a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your individual skin problems, the benefits of this technologically advanced adhesive liquid beauty essence are undeniable.

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Spa Treatment Series

Spa Treatment Series

Recharge Your Skin's Moisture with the Power of Glacier Water and Aloe Vera

The Spa Treatment Series, blessed with the power of nature in the form nanoized glacier water minerals, is further enhanced with completely pesticide-free aloe vera extracts (*2). Give your skin a fresh, moist feeling with these products.

(*2) a moisturizing ingredient

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Spa Treatmen

Spa Treatment Ex-Series

A Targeted Approach to Skin Problems with Nano-Encapsulated Active Ingredients

Spa Treatment's Ex-Series uses the latest nanoencapsulation technology to deliver active ingredients deep within your skin. By stabilizing volatile ingredients within 100 nanometer D.P.D. capsules, it is able to penetrate the skin far more effectively, thus enhancing its overall effects.

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Abso Series
Abso Series

Spa Treatment Abso Series

Discover a Moisture-Rich, Stain-Free Skin with the Power of Alkaline Electrolytic Ion Water

This skincare series, created with a base of Abso Water (Alkaline Electrolytic Ion Water *13), provides a variety of benefits, including reduced oxidation, softened the skin, tightened pores, and an overall healthy appearance.

(*13) labeled as water (a moisturizing ingredient)

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Spa Treatment
Beauty Lash

Spa Treatment Beauty Lash

Simply Apply for Clearer Eyes!
An Easy Way to Give a More Beautiful Impression

Discover this Spa Treatment best seller for creating your ideal look. With both eyeliners and mascaras, you can foster healthy, beautiful eyelashes down to their roots. See what a difference clear, vibrant eyes will make on you!

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Spa Treatment
Complex Care Series

Spa Treatment Complex Care Series

Treatment for a Variety of Problems. Discover Your Inner Beauty!

Spa Treatment's Complex Care Series has a targeted approach to a variety of problems. From everything to skincare to dental or footcare, discover how the Complex Care Series can assist you. This series is your ally for whatever problem you face.

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Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment Sp-Series

Foster Your Beauty from the Inside, Out

Spa Treatment's Sp-Series provides your body with the nutrients it needs without adding anything extra. By providing a nutritional supplement for the compounds your skin needs but often runs short of, you can get closer to true beauty.

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Spa Treatment
Airare Series

Spa Treatment Airare Series

Move Beyond Your Past Skin to Create a New You

Spa Treatment's Airare series works to moisturize, cleanse, and build your skin's foundation. Containing a white tea extract (*9) rich in skin protecting polyphenols and mineral-rich alpine glacier water (*13), it can create a proper skin foundation and bring it closer to a healthier condition.

(*9) a skin conditioning ingredient (*13) labeled as water (a moisturizing ingredient)

Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment Air

An Intense Mist to Deeply Deliver Moisture and the Power of HAS (Human-Derived Stem Cells) (*1)

Spa Treatment's Air Series is designed to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. By vaporizing a concentrated serum of active ingredients into an ultrafine mist using next-generation technology, it can work across your entire complexion to help create a natural, youthful appearance.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient)

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