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The benefits of Spa Treatment's i-Micropatches—hyaluronic acid serum in needle-like structures

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Partial Sheet Mask
¥6,800 / 4 sets of two patches

Delivering Hyaluronic Acid (*2) Deep Within the Skin

These micropatches are made with the latest microneedle technology. Hyaluronic acid (*2), shaped into needle-like sheets, can directly penetrate the skin (*), leading to a more youthful eye-area. This special treatment can not only be used around the eyes, but is also effective for smile or frown lines.

(*2) a moisturizing ingredient (*) to the stratum corneum

Packed With Highly-Effective Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (*2)

(*2) a moisturizing ingredient

Recommended For Those Who:

  • Are worried about fine lines caused by over-drying
  • Want firmer skin
  • Want to do special treatments at home

A Commitment to Quality

  1. 1. A Microneedle Technology Unique to Spa Treatment

    With hyaluronic acid (*2) shaped into needles only 250 micrometers in diameter, it can deeply penetrate the skin. This microneedle shaping technology, unique to and patented by Spa Treatment, has been tested for its effectiveness in reducing fine lines caused by drying.

  2. 2. A Special Treatment that Anyone Can Do

    Just apply a patch after washing and toning your skin—it's that easy. Applied at night, you can leave it on while you sleep, peeling it off the next morning. This is a treatment that anyone can do.

  3. 3. Perfect for Those Areas of Concern

    As a partial sheet mask, it can not only be used around the eyes, but also for other areas of concern such as frown or smile lines. These easy patches provide a wide range of uses.

How to Use

After washing/cleansing your face, prepare it with your favorite toner or essence and allow it to fully penetrate.

Step 1

Open the foil package and take out the clear case inside.

Step 2

Holding the micropatch so that you don't touch the middle part, carefully peel off the white protective backing.

Step 3

Place the center of the iMicropatch over your area of concern, such as around your eyes or the corners of your mouth, and firmly press down on the patch with your fingers.

Step 4

To ensure any air does not enter, make sure the patch is firmly placed.

Step 5

Prepare your skin as usual for the areas not covered by the patch.

Step 6

Take 40-60 minutes to relax.

Step 7

Slowly peel off the patch, cleaning the area where it was placed.

Step 8

It is also possible to sleep with the patch, removing it in the morning.

Step 9

If left on until morning, slowly peel off the patch, then wash your face and perform your usual morning routine.

Step 10

An Easy, Before-Bed Micropatch

Due to the nature of the patch, some people may feel a small, sharp pain after application. Rest assured that this pain goes away quickly.

User Reviews

This Is Perfect For Aging Care!

Every time I looked in the mirror, I longed for younger skin, and so was in the market for an aging care product. Since this product addresses my areas of concern, I will be adding it to my care routine.


(a woman in her 30s with combination skin)

Restore Your Eyes' Moisture

I usually suffer from dry skin. With these, my skin feels moist after using them, and the moisture continues into the next day as well. Though these patches are a little painful after application, and they are a little expensive, they are very good for moisturizing my skin.


(a woman in her 40s with dry skin)

The Same Level of Care as an Esthetic Salon or Cosmetic Surgeon!

This product is amazing, as I never thought I could apply hyaluronic acid to my skin at home. It's very easy to use, and though it stings a bit, I think it's very good. I won't be using it every day because it is a little expensive, but I'll definitely use it when I want some special treatment.


(a woman in her 40s with combination skin)

※It is a personal impression. It is not a thing to guarantee an effect

Spa Treatment


i iMicropatch
Partial Facial Sheet
¥6,800 / 4 sets of two patches
hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
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