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Presenting everything there is to know about Spa Treatment!
A site for everyone

This Spa Treatment user fan site, created by the editors of Spa Beaute Concierge,
is designed to support women in their desire for endless natural beauty. We want everyday people to be able to learn about Spa Treatment, a brand initially created to serve
beauty salons. We will provide detailed information about their carefully selected
ingredients and raw materials, their patented technology, and also secrets to using
their products. In addition, we plan on posting user reviews and updates,
so please check back soon for more information.
(Spa Beaute Concierge Editorial Team)



The information on this site is based on interviews with both Wave Corporation
(the maker of Spa Treatment products) personnel and beauty salon operators,
after being judged reliable and accurate by the editorial department.
*As of May, 2019

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