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Spa Treatment

Bringing Out the Beauty of Natural Skin
The Benefits of Spa Treatment

Bringing You Information about the Benefits of Spa Treatment
Bringing You Information about the Benefits of Spa Treatment

A Skincare Brand that Has Captured the Hearts of Women

Spa Treatment began by selling products to salons and spas. Since it's founding, it has gained the trust of not only salon staff, but regular women across Japan and the world. The secret to its success is in its unrelenting pursuit of results. By showing a commitment to raw materials and active ingredients, Spa Treatment has become that secret source of beauty power for women the world over.

Strength #1

Delivering ingredients deep within the skin

Delivering ingredients to the skin

Penetrating deeply to deliver ingredients where they need to be (*)

Spa Treatment's main goal is to formulate products with ingredients that are effective. While there are many ingredients that may be good for the skin, creating a formula to optimize their effectiveness is key.
In this section, we will introduce the production methods used by Spa Treatment.

(*) Up to the stratum corneum

See how they are able to deliver ingredients deep within the skin (*)

Spa Treatment's

D.P.D. Capsules

D.P.D. Capsules

Multi-layer capsules for delivering ingredients to every corner of your skin

D.P.D. capsules are created by interlayering PEG12GD, an ingredient familiar to your skin, with active skincare ingredients. Consisting of seven to ten layers of oil- and water-soluble ingredients, they are about 100 nanometers in diameter. Made of soft lipid membranes, they can penetrate the skin (*) while also being able to change their shape and size.

(*) Up to the stratum corneum

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Deeply delivering results with the power of needle-like structures

In order to penetrate deep within the stratum corneum, this technology forms active ingredients into needle-like structures that are about 250 micrometers in diameter. Using this "spot beauty treatment" technology as part of a patch or sheet, active compounds can be delivered to where they need to be.

(*) Up to the stratum corneum

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Strength #2

An abundant number of highly-effective, skin-beautifying ingredients

An abundant number of highly-effective, skin-beautifying ingredients

Carefully-selected, evidence-based skincare ingredients

When looking at Spa Treatment product ingredients, you will see a long list of patented or evidence-based items. This is because, in order to make the products as effective as possible, they are particular in their ingredient selection and manufacturing processes. Here, we will introduce some of the active ingredients that Spa Treatment has selected.

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Spa Treatment selects a wide variety of
beauty-enhancing compounds

HAS (human-derived stem cells) (*1)

HAS (human-derived stem cells)

Derived from humans, a gentler type of growth factor

HAS (*1), a compound that's only possible due to the latest developments in technology, is a protein produced from human-derived stem cells by the leading stem cell manufacturer, Prostemics. Skin-friendly, it is easily absorbable (*2) and leads to firmer, brighter skin.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin-conditioning ingredient) (*2) Up to the stratum corneum

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Beta-Glucan (*2)


Moisturize and protect the skin from irritation

Beta-glucan (*2) is a natural compound taken from mushrooms. Spa Treatment uses beta-glucan derived from split-gill mushrooms, which is superior in, among other things, its ability to promote collagen biosynthesis and moisturize. With twice the power of hyaluronic acid, it can easily penetrate the skin (*) to promote collagen formation. Furthermore, it is known for its synergistic effects with HAS (*1).

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin-conditioning ingredient) (*2) a moisturizing ingredient (*) up to the stratum corneum

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Ascorbic Acid (*9)
(Pure Vitamin C)

Ascorbic Acid (Pure Vitamin C)

Able to reach the stratum corneum in its pure form

Ascorbic acid (*9) is also known as pure vitamin C. It is an all-around skincare component, which, among other things, removes activated oxygen from the skin, prevents skin aging, helps in collagen production, and give the skin firmness. Due to its delicate nature however, it is difficult to stabilize in high concentrations, and advanced technology is needed to incorporate it into skincare products.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

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Placenta (*9)


An archetypal anti-aging component

Taken from the placenta of animals such as horses or pigs, this skin-friendly ingredient provides total support for things like moisturizing, toning, and firming. Spa Treatment uses horse-based or pig-based placenta (*9) in their skincare products.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

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Resveratrol (*12)


A first-in-class antioxidant ingredient

Resveratrol (*12), a type of polyphenol, is a powerful antioxidant found in grapes and in the skins of peanuts. Working to activate the sirtuin gene—a gene known to prevent aging—it has also been attracting recent attention due to research showing that it has a skin rejuvenate effect.

(*12) Pichia/Resveratrol ferment extract (a skin-conditioning ingredient)

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Strength #3

Skin-Pleasing Base Ingredients

Skin-Pleasing Base Ingredients

Carefully selected ingredients that are both skin-friendly and effective

While, in general, skincare products are made using purified water, Spa Treatment products are unique in that they use base ingredients fit to purpose. For example, Alps glacier water (*13), is good for dry, sensitive skin because it is easily permeated (*) and contains essential minerals. On the other hand, alkaline electrolytic ionized water is good for clammy skin as it helps maintain the skin's condition after cleansing. Thus, the power of the base ingredients themselves can work together with the active ingredients to create beautiful skin.

(*13) labeled as water (a moisturizing ingredient) (*) up to the stratum corneum

See a list of Spa Treatment Base Ingredients

Spa Treatment's Commitment to Base Ingredients

Alps Glacier Water (*13)

Alps Glacier Water

A mineral-rich way to infuse the skin with moisture

Alps glacier water (*13) is a mineral-rich type of water created 6,000 feet up in the Swiss Alps by Mother Nature. In addition to it's relaxing effect, it provides the skin with abundant moisture.

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Alkaline Electrolytic Ion Water (*13)

Alkaline Electrolytic Ion Water

"Rust-free" water, with the power of oxygen reduction, reduces stickiness and promotes healthy skin

When compared to regular tap water, alkaline electrolyzed water is said to be "rust-free". It's oxidation reduction nature quickly flushes out sebum dirt and allows for deep penetration, giving moisture to the skin.

(*13) labeled as water (a moisturizing ingredient)

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