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Research into Spa Treatment's careful selection of ingredients to improve the skin's power

Strength #2

An Abundant Number of Highly-Effective, Skin-Beautifying Ingredients

An Abundant Number of Highly-Effective, Skin-Beautifying Ingredients

Why Spa Treatment's Active Ingredients are a Popular Beauty Secret

Spa Treatment skincare products have, to date, been mainly sold at beauty salons. As such, they have gained the trust of salons across the country as well as women in the know.
The reason for this trust lies in their selecting active ingredients that solve skin problems. Here you will learn more about Spa Treatment's chosen ingredients.

(Human-Derived Stem Cells) (*1)

HAS (Human-Derived Stem Cells)

Human-Derived Stem Cells Firm and Condition the Skin

HAS (*1) is a human stem cell culture solution containing key elements for improving the skin, including tissue growth factors, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.
In addition to supplementing the components that make up your skin, it can also help in the regulation of your skin cells' life cycles, bringing your skin a firmer, more youthful appearance.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient)

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Recommended For Those Who

  • Want a more youthful appearance
  • Want better looking skin
  • Want clearer skin
  • Want skin that has firmness and shine
  • Are concerned about signs of aging

Beta-Glucan (*2)

Beta-Glucan (Split Gill Mushroom)

With twice the Moisturizing Power of Hyaluronic Acid

Beta-glucan (*2) is a naturally derived component contained in the cell walls of mushrooms and baker's yeast. Its moisturizing power is said to be twice that of hyaluronic acid, and because it also can promote collagen production, it can result in firm, moist skin. Furthermore, it is known for its compatibility with HAS (*1). Combining beta-glucan with HAS ensures that the active ingredients stay with the skin even as time passes.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient) (*2) a skin moisturizing ingredient

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Ascorbic Acid
(Pure Vitamin C) (*9)

Ascorbic Acid (Pure Vitamin C)

Delicate, Unadulterated Pure Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid (*9), or pure vitamin C, is known to remove the oxygen generated on the skin due to UV exposure as well as to prevent skin aging. It can help in the production of collagen, help firm the skin, and work to hide sagging pores and fine lines. However, ascorbic acid (*9) is also known as a delicate ingredient, one that has difficulty penetrating the skin, so advanced technology is required to deliver it to where it needs to be for maximum effect.

(*9) a skin conditioning ingredient

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Recommended For Those Who:

  • Have lost skin firmness due to aging
  • Are concerned about their pores
  • Are concerned about skin dullness
  • Have poor skin texture

Placenta (*9)

Placenta (Pig/Horse)

Active Ingredient Taken from the Placentae of Animals

Placenta extract (*9) is a pale yellow to yellowish brown liquid that is taken most often from the placenta of sheep, pigs, horses, or humans. While it is known to have a wide variety of benefits, the most commonly cited ones include moisturization, increased blood circulation, increased metabolism, the normalization of cellular turnover, and the discharge of melanin. Cosmetic grade placenta extract is usually derived from horses and pigs (*9).

(*9) a skin conditioning ingredient

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Recommended for Those Who:

  • Want to promote cellular turnover
  • Want to have moister skin
  • Want to improve skin clarity

Resveratrol (*12)

The Source of Resveratrol

A Kind of Polyphenol

Resveratrol (*12) is a kind of polyphenol most commonly found in grapes and the skins of nuts. It has long been attracting attention for its beauty and health benefits, including being able to activate the anti-aging sirtuin gene, to activate the rebirth of skin cells, and to suppress the generation of activated oxygen.

(*12) pichia/resveratrol ferment extract (a skin conditioning ingredient)

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Recommended For Those Who:

  • Want to treat signs of aging
  • Are concerned about rough skin
  • Want to moisturize their skin
  • Are concerned about skin stains and dullness