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The effects of incorporating HAS (human-derived stem cells) into skincare products

(Human-Derived Stem Cells) (*1)

HAS (Human-Derived Stem Cells)

A Combination of Growth Factors and Essential Skin Components

HAS (*1), derived from human stem cells, contains both growth factors found in the skin and the components essential for it.
It gives your skin a revitalized appearance, providing it both moisture and firmness.
In addition to being skin-friendly, it is contained in easy-to-absorb nanocapsules to help increase its overall penetration (*).

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient), (*) to the stratum corneum

What is HAS
(Human-Derived Stem Cells) (*1)?

Born from Stem Cell Research, A Plethora of Growth Factors

Used in Spa Treatment's Aging Care series, HAS was born from stem cell research using human stem cell culture solutions. These human stem cell cultures contain a variety of essential ingredients for the skin, including growth factors, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, and therefore, its use benefits the skin from various angles.
In the case of Spa Treatment products, over 150 kinds of growth factors, extracted from human adipose tissue, have been encapsulated for delivery to the depths of the skin (*), allowing for penetration of the whole stratum corneum.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient) (*) to the stratum corneum

HAS' (human-derived stem cells) (*1)
Effect on the Skin

Rather than Only Supplementing, Focused on the Whole Skin Cycle

HAS (*1) helps to bring the skin's life cycle, which has been slowed by aging, back to a normal state. By caring for the skin, it can return to a firm, normal condition.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient)

Effects on the Skin

  • Skin care
  • Skin revitalization
  • Firms the skin
  • Improves clarity
  • Improves texture

For those worried about contagions or diseases…

Are Human Derived Stem Cells Really Safe?

An Active Ingredient Cultured in a Stringent Environment—with Assorted Tests and Checks

Human derived stem cell culture solutions are originally created from the fat cells extracted after liposuction. As such, many may wonder if these solutions really safe. To that end, Spa Treatment only uses human-derived stem cells that have been cultured in a stringent environment—where they have cleared assorted tests and checks.

The stem cells used in HAS (*1) have been carefully selected and extracted from the adipocyte tissue of donors who have not only been cleared of infections, but have also undergone extensive medical examinations and have been screened by their medical history and age. Cultured in a clean room environment, with repeated inspections and safety testing, the extracts are generated with the utmost care and thoroughness.

Every aspect of the extraction process for the cells and tissues, from the medical institution and collection time, to the test results and donor consent, have been securely managed and confirmed to ensure the safety of the human-derived stem cell cultures.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient)

For enhancing the effectiveness of HAS (*1)

Synergistic Ingredients

Though HAS (*1) may be used with any other ingredient because it is all-mighty, we recommend using it with beta-glucan (*2) in order to improve its absorption (*). Furthermore, you can better improve your skin's tone if you use it in conjunction with something like tripeptides (a type of amino acid) or vitamin C.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin conditioning ingredient (*2) a moisturizing ingredient (*) to the stratum corneum



Glutathione (a Tripeptide)

Glutathione (a Tripeptide)

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

How are they different on the skin?

Differences with Similar Products

Animal Derived Stem Cells

Animal Derived Stem Cells

While They are Similar in Structure, They are more Susceptible to Disease

On the one hand, active ingredients derived from sheepskin roots or placenta are considered safer than other animal sources because they're similar in structure to human stem cells and are highly-compatible with the skin.
On the other hand, these ingredients have a risk of viral infection, and so, at present, are rarely sold in Japan.


An Easily Absorbable (*) Skincare Strategy for Those Experiencing Signs of Aging

The HAS (human derived stem cells) (*1) used in Spa Treatment products, because they utilize human derived components, are skin friendly and quick to absorb (*). With 150 kinds of growth factors, including EGF, FGF, and HGF, all able to reach the depths of your skin (*), HAS can help form the foundation of your skin, leading to a more youthful appearance.

(*1) human adipocyte conditioned media extract (a skin-conditioning ingredient) (*) to the stratum corneum

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