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The effects of incorporating placenta into skincare products and its differences with other raw ingredients

Placenta (*9)


A Skincare Ingredient Taken from the Placenta of Animals

Placenta (*9) extract taken from animals, usually horses or pigs, is often used in either its undiluted form or as the main component in skincare products.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

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All about Placenta (*9)

An Active Ingredient used in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Treatment

Placenta extract (*9) is usually taken from the placenta of animals such as pigs, horses, or sheep. In the wild, the placenta is usually eaten by the animals after delivery. It is said to have powerful recovery effects, and has long been said to be a strong ingredient that is has been used in medicine.
While its skincare effects are both powerful and popular, some may feel anxiety about possible contagions or its safety.
To that end, it is important to know which animals, from which region, the extract is taken from, whether they are careful about health and hygiene, and whether a control system is firmly in place.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

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Placenta's (*9) Effects on the Skin

Restores the Skin's Turnover as well as Moisturizes

In addition to its excellent moisturizing effects, placenta (*9) is said to improve blood flow and metabolism to your skin. It can also help to normalize skin turnover, allowing you to create a more beautiful you.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

Placenta for Skin Whitening (*9)

Placenta (*9) is said to also be good for age spots. Usually, age spots begin with abnormal melanin production, but it has been discovered that a dipeptide component, found in placenta, can help prevent this from happening. By stopping the melanin before it is produced, it can stop your skin from discoloring.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

Effects on the Skin

  • Moisturizing
  • Whitening
  • Improved blood flow
  • Raised metabolism
  • Increased turnover

What other active ingredients does it go well with?

Synergistic Ingredients

Placenta (*9) is said to have a synergistic relationship with several other ingredients. As it both tones and provides skincare effects, it is important to consider how to incorporate or combine it with other products. Used together with these ingredients, you can achieve and even better result.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

Vitamin C

Vitamin C




High-Quality Placenta (*9)

In skincare products, you sometimes see plant-based or marine-based placenta products that are said to be taken from similar parts. Because placenta (*9) are by definition extracted from animals however, if you expect results, choose those taken from horses or pigs, which are rich in nutrients and are human-friendly.

(*9) a skin-conditioning ingredient

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