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Even the base ingredients create happy customers! Why Spa Treatment products are of such a high quality.

Strength #3

Base Ingredients that are Kind to the Skin

Base Ingredients that are Kind to the Skin

Raw Materials Carefully Selected to Maintain Quality

Spa Treatment skincare products are mainly sold at beauty or esthetic salons. One of the key reasons why its products are favored by these salons and women in the know is that they have high standards for quality and ingredients.
In this section, you will learn more about how Spa Treatment carefully selects its ingredients. You will learn the details of their effects and characteristics on the skin.

Alps Glacier Water (*13)

Alps Glacier Water

Pure Water, Direct from Mother Nature

Alps Glacier Water (*13), often called "water that touches the sky", is created by Mother Nature at an altitude of 6,000 feet. Pure and rich in minerals, this Alps snowmelt is used by Spa Treatment to deliver nanocapsule technology deep within the skin (*). Perfect for skin hydration and mineral supplementation, it is easy on the skin and can quickly be absorbed by it (*).

(*13) labeled as water (a moisturizing ingredient),(*) Up to the stratum corneum

Learn More about Alps Glacier Water (*13)

Recommended for Those Who:

  • Have dry skin
  • Are concerned about the water in cosmetic products
  • Have sensitive skin
  • Have rough skin

Alkaline Electrolytic Ion Water (*13)

Alkaline Electrolytic Ion Water

Experience the Power of Oxygen Reduction with this "Rust-Free" Water

This negative ion water (*13), developed with the power of electrolysis technology, is, when compared with regular tap water, "rust-free" because metals placed in it have difficulty corroding.
Unlike skincare products made with regular tap water, alkaline electrolytic ionized water preserves the skin by reducing oxidation, softens skin that has become hardened, helps clear sebum stains, and penetrates the skin quickly, allowing for faster moisturization.

(*13) labeled as water (a moisturizing ingredient)

Learn More about Alkaline Electrolytic Ion Water (*13)

Recommended for Those Who:

  • Want to soften their skin
  • Want to establish a clear base for the skin
  • Want to improve their skin's absorption and moisture levels
  • Want to smooth out their skin
Don't think of it as mere water!

Pay Attention to the Base Ingredients, not just the Active Ones!

Discover the Latent Power of Base Ingredients

When developing skincare products, it is easy to focus on active ingredients and their special effects. While these are important, the hidden powers of the base ingredients are also key for bringing out your beautiful skin.
The two base ingredients introduced previously, Alps glacier water (*13) and alkaline electrolytic ion water (*13), do just that. By utilizing the power of the base ingredients along with those of the active ingredients, you can more concretely address your skin's troubles. When looking for beautiful skin therefore, it is important to know what's behind the "water" in the label.

(*13) labeled as water (a moisturizing ingredient)

What Kind of Brand is Spa Treatment?

Spa Treatment brand image

Finding the Perfect Product for You

Spa Treatment began as a skincare brand targeting beauty salons.
Over the years, they have gained a tremendous amount of trust from salons across Japan.
For every product, they approach ingredient selection, formulation, and manufacturing from the point of view of solving skin problems.
Because their main clients are estheticians, who often have to achieve results in a single treatment, they are focused on bringing out the desired effect. Now, Spa Treatment has grown into a brand that is loved by not only women in Japan, but by woman around the world as well.