Spa Beaute Concier

Special methods that Spa Treatment uses to improve skin absorption

Strength #1

Delivering ingredients deep within the skin

Delivering ingredients to the skin

What unique methods does Spa Treatment use to deliver active ingredients deep into the stratum corneum?

Spa Treatment is a skincare brand that is mainly sold at beauty salons. It is a brand that is known by not only estheticians, but also by women with a high sense of beauty.
Why do women from all over the world choose to use Spa Treatment? One of the reasons is that there are special formulae used in the manufacturing process. Spa Treatment products use various manufacturing processes to make full use of the active ingredients—delivering them in high concentrations (*1) to the depths of the skin (*2).

(*1) when comparing all Spa Treatment products (*2) to the stratum corneum

D.P.D. Capsules

D.P.D. Capsules

Using tiny capsules to deliver ingredients to the back of the stratum corneum

D.P.D. capsules are created by interlayering PEG12GD, an ingredient familiar to your skin, with active skincare ingredients. Within one 100 nanometer capsule, there are seven to ten onion-like layers of water- and oil soluble active ingredients which slowly dissolve from the outside-in.

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D.P.D. Capsule Strengths

  • Made of skin-friendly ingredients
  • Can deliver active compounds while they're still fresh
  • Can deliver difficult-to-stabilize active compounds to the depths of your skin



A special microneedle delivery system for hyaluronic acid

Microneedles are a technology whereby skincare ingredients are shaped into needle-like structures of about 250 micrometers. By processing the ingredients into this form, they can be delivered deep within the stratum corneum. While microneedle-based skincare goods are available from other manufacturers, what makes those from Spa Treatment different?

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Microneedle Strengths

  • Deep penetration into the stratum corneum
  • They can be used at home
  • Their simple usage makes them safe
Are you guilty of only choosing products based on their name or active ingredients?

The reason why you should pay attention to more than just the ingredients

The key to maximizing the power of active compounds

No matter how good an active compound is, you will never maximize its potential by simply blending it into your skincare product. Formulas need to me crafted differently for each active compound, so it is important to pay attention to the formula and the process with which the product is made.

Knowing the Right Formula for each Ingredient

There are a wide variety of active compounds that are said to be good for the skin, but each has its own characteristics, with its own appropriate formula. When choosing skincare products, it is important to understand both the properties of the active compounds and the formula in which they are used. Using the right technology, the true power of the compound can be utilized to full effect.

What Kind of Brand is Spa Treatment?

Spa Treatment brand image

From the many products within the Spa Treatment lineup, you can find the perfect fit for you

Spa Treatment began as a skincare brand targeting beauty salons.
Over the years, they have gained a tremendous amount of trust from salons across Japan.
For every product, they approach ingredient selection, formulation, and manufacturing from the point of view of solving skin problems.
Because their main clients are estheticians, who often have to achieve results in a single treatment, they are focused on bringing out the desired effect. Now, Spa Treatment has grown into a brand that is loved by not only women in Japan, but by woman around the world as well.