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How is it different from normal application? An illustrated guide to the penetrative force and effects of Spa Treatment's microneedle system.



A patented technology, with active ingredients in needle form, for direct delivery deep into your skin

Microneedles, a patented technology, are active skincare ingredients shaped into needle-like sheets. Using this technology, ingredients that would have previously sat on the surface of the skin can now penetrate it deeply (*).
Using this technology, you can achieve advanced skincare results without having to go to a clinic or beauty salon. Simply place the patch and be done.

(*) to the stratum corneum

Shape and Mechanism

A shape that penetrates deep into the stratum corneum

With the active ingredients shaped like needles, they can easily enter the skin. Common microneedles are about 200 micrometers in diameter and are shaped like cylinders. In contrast, Spa Treatment microneedles begin at 250 micrometers in diameter, but then sharpen down to a fine point. Because Spa Treatment needles are sharper than conventional ones, they can penetrate the skin deeper (*).

(*) to the stratum corneum

If you just apply the active ingredients, they may not penetrate the skin

If you just apply the active ingredients, they may not penetrate the skin

Active ingredients in the shape of microneedles dissolve deep into the skin.

More than just simply applying the active compounds, by using microneedle structures you can have them reach deep within your skin.

A Medically-Patented Technology

At the time of their initial development, microneedles were designed to deliver large doses of pharmaceuticals from the skin's surface safely and efficiently. Unlike regular surface applications, which can fall off easily, these were designed for effective penetration. This same microneedle technology was used when creating micropatches. Furthermore, Spa Treatment's micropatches were developed and commercialized using their own patented technology.

How They Penetrate the Skin

Direct, Continuous Penetration

After applying the microneedle-shaped active ingredients, their effect can be felt directly deep within the skin (*). Indeed, after applying, you will feel a little click, helping you know that the patches are properly fitted. There is little pain, and you only feel it for a moment, so you can use the patches with confidence.

(*) to the stratum corneum

Direct Delivery to the Skin

Skin-Friendly Ingredients

Spa Treatment's microneedle technology is perfect for those ingredients that bring moisture or other benefits to the skin but that are difficult to absorb. Because microneedles can deliver active compounds deep within the skin, they can produce effective results.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid





The difference is in the manufacturing method!

How Spa Treatment is Different from other Microneedle Patches

A unique molding method allows for unrestricted length and sharpness

Unlike conventional microneedles, which are often poured into molds, cooled and then reshaped, Spa Treatment microneedles are created without a need for additional processing. Like a pot on a potter's wheel, Spa Treatment needles are prepared and shaped from the outside.
Because they are created without the use of a mold, their sharpness and length can be adjusted as needed, allowing for long, sharp needles.

Pure active ingredients! Highly purified microneedles created without extra processing.

Free from unwanted ingredients and high in those active compounds you do want, Spa Treatment's microneedles are in the best position. Since their microneedles are made without molding, extra processing, or additive compounds, they can deliver active ingredients with a high degree of purity and concentration to the depths of your skin to enhance their beautifying effect.

What are Spa Treatment's Biodegradable Microstructures?

Spa Treatment's biodegradable microstructures effectively penetrate the skin and then dissolve after application. Simply apply the patch and have the ingredients delivered deeply (*).

(*) to the stratum corneum

Before Application

Microneedle Patches before Application.
The needle-like active ingredients are evenly arranged.

After Application

Microneedle Patches after Application.
After penetrating the skin, they have quickly melted away.


Microneedles Depend on their Manufacturing Method
Quality also Varies

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a microneedle patch. While there are several different technologies available to produce the patch, some of which are patented, the differences in the nature and quality of the needles boils down to the manufacturing method. While many people simply pay attention to just the number of needles, it is also important to know their quality and the concentration of active ingredients.

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