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Spa Treatment iMicroneedle

Microneedle system Spa Treatment iMicroneedle Utilize the latest skincare technology with microneedles! By cre […]

Spa Treatment HAS Stretch iSheets

Spa Treatment HAS Stretch iSheet Series Spa Treatment's Stretch iSheet series consists of half-moon-shaped fac […]

Spa Treatment HAS Face Mask

Spa Treatment HAS Face Mask Facial Sheet ¥1,600 + Tax / 25 ml vial ¥7,500 + tax / 5, 25 ml vials You Can Use E […]

Spa Treatment HAS Hydro Jelly

Spa TreatmentHAS Hydro Jelly Facial Pack ¥7,500 plus tax for a package containing: Agent A (Granules) 2g x 5 p […]