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Treating wrinkles before it is too late! Learn the basics of skin care and treating crow's feet.

    Spa Beaute ConcierStop Old Age!The Basics of Skincare from the Anti-Eye Wrinkle Committee

Stop Old Age!
The Basics of Skincare from
the Anti-Eye Wrinkle Committee

The Anti-Eye Wrinkle Committee

Take action before it's too late! Basic anti-wrinkle tips!

Too many wrinkles around your eyes may make you look tired or old. For those who want to take early action against eye wrinkles, we will give information about the causes of eye-area wrinkles, ways to improve them, and special products to help you out. Having proper knowledge about the source of wrinkles is the first step towards correcting them.

Taken from the voices of real people!

How Wrinkles Affect Your Appearance

Take action before things become serious! At first, small wrinkles may form gradually, without you even noticing it. However, studies have shown that most women in their 30s first begin to be concerned about eye-area wrinkles.

Respondents with Eye-Area Problems (Aged 30-39: 511)

Source: Beauty Laboratory

Respondents with Eye-Area Problems (Aged 40-49: 694)

Source: Beauty Laboratory

8 in 10Want to Eliminate Their Facial Wrinkles

Survey Results

Source: Very Sophisticated Treatment
From: A Questionnaire on Facial Wrinkles

According to a questionnaire about facial wrinkles, more than 80 percent of respondents said they would be happy if they could eliminate their facial wrinkles. For women who want to avoid signs of aging, eye wrinkle elimination is key for those face-to-face interactions.

Your Eye-Area Wrinkles Aren't Hiding from Anyone!

Survey Results

Source: Very Sophisticated Treatment
From: A Questionnaire on Facial Wrinkles

Based on survey results, it turns out that one in three women will notice other people's wrinkles before their own. What this means is that your own eye-area wrinkles, those that make you look aged, may be more visible than you think.

They may be lurking even on your own face…

Can, or Can't They, Be Eliminated? Types of Eye Wrinkles

The first step to improvement is to know the wrinkle type

You're not alone in worrying about your eye-area wrinkles.
Are you worried about a particular spot? Maybe you wonder if your wrinkles can be improved? The answer lies in the type of wrinkle. Since each type of wrinkle has a particular solution, you first must learn their types.
Today, you will learn about three main types. Since the causes of each are different, tips for improving them are also different.

Small Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Small Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Fine Lines Caused by Over-Drying

Small wrinkles or fine lines are one of the first types of wrinkles to appear. Generally, they are caused by over-drying, so a key tip is to always moisturize and use products that enhance the skin's moisture. These wrinkles can be largely improved through improvements to your daily routine.

Larger Wrinkles

Larger Wrinkles

Caused by Over-Drying or Fine Lines Becoming Deeper

The main causes of larger wrinkles are UV exposure and aging. Other factors, such as an irregular lifestyle or poor diet can make fine lines and dynamic expression lines worse, leading to larger wrinkles. Try not to excessively irritate your skin, for example, through incorrect skincare, as this can be a cause as well.

Dynamic Expression Lines

Dynamic Expression Lines

Facial Expressions Can Become Clearly Engraved through Aging

The main causes of dynamic expression lines are facial expressions. Contraction of the muscles in your face leads to a tightening of your skin, which, with aging, may not return to its original position and instead form wrinkles. Dynamic expression lines are more likely to appear around the corners of the mouth, the eyes, and eyebrows.

The Origin of Eye-Area Wrinkles

Eye-Area Wrinkles Have 3 Causes

Eye-Area Wrinkles Have 3 Causes

Be Wary of Skin Sagging, Dryness, and UV Exposure

For eye-area wrinkles, there are three major causes, which are skin sagging, dryness, and UV exposure. One of the key signs of aging is in deep eye-area wrinkles, but the cause of these is readily known. Lets learn more about these causes and tips to fight them.

Learn More about the Causes of Eye-Area Wrinkles

Measures for Eye-Area Wrinkles

Learn How to Fight Eye Wrinkles

Learn How to Fight Eye Wrinkles

What Action You Take Depends on the Wrinkle Location

It isn't enough to simply target eye-area wrinkles, as each spot requires a different approach. Because everyone's eyes are slightly different, just fighting dryness is not enough of a prevention measure.
Each position around the eyes, whether under your eyes or over your eyes, or in the corners of them, needs to be taken into consideration. Proper eye care is dependent on knowing the right technique for each particular place.

Learn More about How to Fight Eye Wrinkles

Intense Moisture for the Eyes

Moisture Tips for the Eye Area
Spa Treatment Product List

Recommendations for Moisturizing the Eye Area

Proper Moisturization with Spa Treatment

With proper eye care, you can expect beautiful results. For an effective treatment, use products that contain moisturizing and skin-friendly ingredients and that can reach the depths of your skin. Spa Treatment, with many products specifically designed for eye-area wrinkle care, is a good choice for creating a more beautiful you.

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